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Shape: crystal
Formula: C12H15NO3
IUPAC: n/d
CAS: 802575-11-7
Compound purity: >99.6%
Production Capacity: 300 Kilogram/Month
Country of origin: Netherlands
Synonyms: 4-cl-pvp; 4clpvp 4-CL-PVP 4C-PVP (4CL-PVP) 4clpvp  4-cl-pvp 4c-pvp 4Cl-PVP 4C-PVP sell 4CL-PVP 4CL-PVP 4clpvp 4c-pvp crystal 4clpvp 4-CL-PVP 4clpvp 4-CL-PVP4-CLPVP Pure Research Chemicals 4CLPVP crystal 99.8% white crystal with best price 4clpvp powder

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